Dreem Co. is an art project and vintage clothes are the medium.

This vintage fashion house is a serious look at the incredible art of vintage clothes, from the moment in history they moved beyond the concept of the fashion designers sketch pad or the first cut of a handmade newspaper pattern. A textile art form that came from a time when some of the most talented seamstresses ever to thread the eye of a needle spent time on the details of every aspect of a garment. When the entire world was involved in one big art project called clothing, farmer's wives to city dwellers, women and men of all economic backgrounds were able to sit by candle light or on the humming factory floor and have an excuse to spend time on the merry-go round of creativity, disguised as necessity.

Dreem Co. not only honors the makers and period specific styles of the vintage pieces it features by spending hours of research on fashion plates, catalogues, advertisements and visits to textile museums and more, in order to flesh out the history, but often I will dreem up an ensemble, sketch it and then seek out each piece until it's complete. Other times I will first acquire a piece and then let it simmer in my subconscious until I can see the complete idea it will inspire, such as an amazing feedsack dress paired with lipstick red shoes in a setting like an abandoned train station. The listings are more than just vintage clothes they are the culmination of a complete creative process--unique vintage piece, general concept, research, sketch, styling, location scouting, model (make up, hair, accessories), photo shoot, photo editing and then putting it all into a listing.

The amount of time I spend here at Dreem Co. (often including restoration) on each piece means you will not find scads of vintage clothing, but you will find select pieces that are part of a larger fashion project, ones that have a unique story to tell about a time in history or the possibility of your tomorrow.

Dreem Co. ...Making Moderne Art out of Vintage Fashion.

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