1920s two piece Tehuana, Zapotec embroidered huipil and skirt, Frida Kahlo, Museum Piece.


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Tehuanas Dreem a la Frida...

Design - Here we have an absolutely exceptional 1920s tp 1930s Tehuanas two piece made by the Zapotec women on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in a chartreuse golden yellow silk satin with hand made lace trim. These traditional outfits are like some of the same pieces worn by Frida Kahlo. Both the huipil top and tie skirt are heavily embroidered with stylized leaves and flowers. The vines and leaves are a very pale mint green and the flowers come in an array of colors like rose, black, orange, bright pink, vibrant blue, purple, orange and red. The neck of the huipil is embroidered by more delicate purple leaflet design. Typical to the Tehuana style about a foot of hand made lace is attached to the bottom of the silk satin skirt.

These Tejuana sets are extremely hard to find intact, especially in good condition and still together. This is a truly gorgeous example of this stunning indigenous wearable art form of the era.

Material - silk satin, handmade lace, sewn in muslin lining.

Maker - There is no makers mark but this set features the exceptional craftsmanship of the Zapotec women.


*Please double all measurements except length

Huipil (top)
Bust- 21"
Waist - 22"
Length - 21"

Waist - 15"
Length - 40"

Condition - This set is in overall very good condition. The blouse is in very good condition for its age with no real issues to note. The skirt has some color bleed near the base of one flowers and there is one pencil erasure sized hole in the lace. As it stands the set is supremely rare and just so beautiful and in such good condition for its age.

A rare example of early traditional Mexican fashion to add to your vintage wardrobe!

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