Deadstock Amber 1930s Crookes sunglasses, with gray lens, THE SHORELINE


Shipping to United States: $4.99


Color: Black Celluloid w/ blue glass lens

Era: 1920’s (Art Deco)

Maker/Marks: Willson

Features: Simple Art Deco styling, saddle bridge, Skull temples. These came from an original display calling them "protection goggles" with images of men and women wearing them on boat decks, driving very early automobiles and enjoying a romantic picnic.

Condition: Deadstock


For the best fit compare measurements to a pair of your own glasses or sunglasses. Please email us if you need any further help with measurements.

Hinge to Hinge – 5” or 127 mm
Temple Length – 5 1/2” or 139 mm
Bridge Width – 19 mm
Lens – W-44.45 mm (round)
H-44.45 mm (round)

* many vintage glasses were made to sit closer to the face than modern day glasses

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